The Three Little Tamales by Eric A. Kimmel

A clever spin on the Three Little Pigs, The Three Little Tamales introduces us to Tía Lupe and Tío Jose who make the best tamales and tortillas in all of Texas.

Great for their customers.
Not so great for the tamales.

At a tortilla’s urging, they hit the road – the first to a prairie, the second to a cornfield, the third to a desert – and build a casita.

And all is fine and dandy until Señor Lobo shows up and sings his plans to each tamale. Thank goodness the third tamale has a trick up her non-existent sleeve…

This is a wonderful read-aloud / sing-along for ages 2 and up. It includes a glossary of the Spanish terms that are sprinkled throughout the book, and uses repetitive text that makes it easy for toddlers and preschoolers to follow.

Oh, and don’t be surprised of your kiddo demands tamales for dinner. (Yum!)

A wonderful find from our local librarian.

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