Story Time Books – 3/8/14


Was it only yesterday when my 3-year-old son was sitting cross-cross-applesause in front of me as I read his favorite books from home? Before we left our house and headed to the coffee shop, I would have to remind him that we were only sharing his books at story time and that yes, we would bring them home to read again later.

Now, 4 years later, he still comes to story time every Saturday, only now he sits in the corner, head buried in a library book while his younger brother and sister have taken his place on the floor, occasionally bickering, but usually sitting in rapt attention as I share their books with the neighborhood kids.

One day, they graduate to the corner as their older brother has.

And who knows? Perhaps he may even replace me in the storyteller chair.

I can only hope.



Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers
The ending of this tale of friendship always gets me.

Bonus: We discovered a video which my kids absolutely adored.  No snark, no meta,  just beautiful storytelling.

Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin
Cows and hens of the world unite!  If the Farmer Brown’s can strike for better conditions, so can you! (Keep an eye out on those ducks! I hear they’ve got designs for that pond of theirs).


Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin
Oh Pete, you really should look where you’re going! But despite stepping in all sorts of things, he keeps walking along and singing his song (and kids sing right along too!)


Hooray For Fish by Lucy Cousins
This fun underwater romp with Little Fish introduces little ones to colors, shapes and numbers. With over-sized images and easy-to-read text, this is a crowdpleaser for 3 and under.


Where Is Thumbkin?

I’ve Got Two
A Sesame Street throwback that teachers parts of the body and reinforces sequencing.  Plus, it’s a hoot to sing!


Down By The Bay
A classic about the crazy things one sees down by the bay. Seriously, it’s like the Red Line in summer.  Still, kids enjoy the silliness.

Tip: Make this song interactive by asking kids to fill in the blank of: “Did you ever see a __________” Then do your darndest to find a good rhyme!


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