Noted: Amelia Bedelia + Metaphors = Deep Thoughts

Took the words right out of my mouth

Thinking literally
Boston Globe, 9/27/09

Some tidbits:

“Metaphors aren’t just how we talk and write, they’re how we think…Deep down, we are all Amelia Bedelia.”

“Friedrich Nietzsche scornfully described human understanding as nothing more than a web of expedient metaphors, stitched together from our shallow impressions of the world. In their ignorance, he charged, people mistake these familiar metaphors, deadened from overuse, for truths.”

“…abstract thought would be meaningless without bodily experience. And primary metaphors, in their ubiquity (in English and other languages) and their physicality, are some of their most powerful evidence for this.”

and of course,

“To the extent that metaphors reveal how we think, they also suggest ways that physical manipulation might be used to shape our thought.”


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