Earth Day Schmerf Day

“Got Gaia?”

Up with Earth!
Of all things green!

Up with our planet!

Of the “eco-chic” scene!

Let’s plant in our children

Seeds of hope and progress

And not terrify them

With nature’s last gas

Nick just celebrated his 3rd B’Earth Day. But really, every morning when I see his face I am grateful for his existence. And while I get the idea of setting aside one day a year to raise awareness about the environment, I don’t need an anvil to remind me that we live on a pretty cool planet and should take care of it.

Oh, and kids don’t need that headache either.

Wall Street Journal columnist Meghan Cox Gurdon takes eco-writers to task in “Scary Green Monsters” – well worth the read for its on-target reviews of the most popular children’s eco books.

I dig propoganda as much as the next one, but in my children’s books, I like it light on the MESSAGE and heavy on the IMAGINATION.

(Thanks to Janice Harayda for the tip.)


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