Book: It Is the Wind

It Is the Wind
by Ferida Wolff, illustrated by James Ransome

There’s something at the window
There’s something beneath the bed

There’s something under the covers

I don’t know yet it’s all in my head

At 3 I’ve discovered monsters

At 3 I’ve discovered bears

At 3 I’ve discovered bumps in the night

To put name to my worries and fears

Note: And here I thought somehow Nick was fearless because he’s been strolling down dark hallways without pause since he could walk…

Ah, foolish first-time parents.

In these weeks leading up to his 3rd birthday, Nick has discovered all sorts of things that go “bump” in his room. Last night it was every single sound outside his window. We’re in our Chicago “sprummer” (spring-summer) weather, which means lots of funky nighttime weather.

It Is the Wind is a lovely book to read on those stormy nights. It acknowledges the sounds outside but then transforms them into something less threatening.

“What is the noise I hear?” asks the young African-American narrator.

It’s the owl…It’s the dog…It’s the gate…etc.

(On our block, it’s more like, “It’s the fire truck…again…the bass from a double-parked car…again)

The sound effects in Wolff’s accessible text are color-coded for effect – the boo and hoo of the owl, the groan and moan of a gate, the clunk and thunk of a swing. Plus Ransome’s paintings are luscious, yet soothing.

The perfect balm for a toddler’s nighttime fears.

Bonus: Have your kiddo close their eyes and listen to the sounds around them. You may be surprised how much they hear (which you take for granted!)


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