Book: Poetry for Young Scientists

Poetry for Young Scientists
compiled by Leland B. Jacobs and Sally Nohelty, illustrated by Ed Young

We had a guest bedtime reader last night, Nick’s godmother, who has been filling our shelves with wonderful poetry books from her youth (all, pre-1985 – gasp!).

Our favorite – perhaps we are overly optimistic with this Chicago weather – was this one:

Springtime In The Park
by Rowena Bennett

I heard the springtime coming
Across the winter snow.
I heard it in an icy brook
That just began to flow.
I heard it in a running wind
That pushed a cloud along.
And in some little hiding thing
That made a chirping song.

Note: Easy-to-read text makes this a great book to use the underline-with-your-finger-as-you-go technique to help your kiddos make the connection between the words they hear and they words they see on the page. And feel free to read a poem multiple times in one sitting. Each time, you – and your kiddo – will discover something new.


1 Comment on Book: Poetry for Young Scientists

  1. A very nice poem. I’d never heard of the book before. Sounds like something I’d enjoy. Thanks for posting this.Janet

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