Book: Snow, Snow

Snow, Snow: Winter Poems for Children
by Jane Yolen, photographs by Jason Stemple

Snow on the Trees
by Jane Yolen

Somebody painted
The trees last night,
Crept in and colored them
White on white.

When I awoke,
The tree limbs shone
As white as milk,
As bleached as bone,

As white as wool,
As chalk, as cream,
As white as ghosts
In a white-night dream.

Just one day past
They wore dark brown;
Today they wear
A diamond crown.

Somebody painted
The trees last night
With ivory paintpots
White on white.

Note: Few poets capture nature as elegantly as Jane Yolen. Snow, Snow blends Yolen’s poetic imagination with Stemple’s crisp imagery for an easy, accessible book about snow. With subjects such as mountains, snowmobiles and footprints, the poems cover subjects recognizable to even the youngest reader while still coaxing them – and you – to see things a little differently.

I suppose snowmobiles do growl like polar bears…

I never thought of seasons like a sandwhich – “snow in the middle, spring and fall on either side.”

I guess a snow-covered tree branch does look like a finger, pointing the way to spring.

Some of the poems are deceptively short – 3 lines – but the imagery will linger. So take your time with them. Listen for that “a-ha” moment, the same way you listen to your kiddos when they say that the tree in the backyard looks like a dragon stretching (“Huh, I guess it does, Nick.”)

Poets, like children, remind us how to see.


2 Comments on Book: Snow, Snow

  1. I so love Jane Yolen’s books. We own many, but not this one. Thank you for sharing! I live north of Chicago, getting ready for the storm, too!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, Yolen just blows me away. It can be days later and some line will finally click and it’s like, “Dang, she’s gooood.”Stay warm this weekend!

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