Book: Pezzettino

by Leo Lionni

What Remains


I’s squared
Eyes squared

Looking to infinity
Look into infinity

Note: With his colorful illustrations and timeless stories, Leo Lionni is a regular guest in our home, but it’s always the usual suspects:

Matthew’s Dream – live for your art, part 1
Frederick – live for your art, part 2!
Fish is Fish – ya are what ya are!
Swimmy – workers of the world, unite!

Pezzettino feels like Plato’s Cave for the toddler set. A little orange piece named Pezzettino (Italian for “little piece”) asks larger pieces if he is a part of them – a legitimate question considering they are made up of small, colorful pieces.

When all answer no, he takes a boat to the deserted Island of Wham where he discovers – after a fall down the mountain – that like the others, he too is made of little pieces.


Heroic journey
Dark night of the soul

Crossing the sea of consciousness

Variations on “one” name

This is the type of book that kiddos will enjoy as just a fun story…then remember in their 40’s as the book that shaped their personal philosophy.

Perfect for: budding philosophers, kiddos who like bright illustrations, Matrix fans
Not so perfect for: Monochromatiphiles

Pass the dutchie on the left-hand side, already!


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