Book: Mother, Mother, I Feel Sick; Send for the Doctor, Quick, Quick, Quick

Mother, Mother, I Feel Sick; Send for the Doctor, Quick, Quick, Quick
by Remy Charlip and Burton Supree

“A tall tale to swallow…”

Told in silhouette
A mother starts to fret
Her darling growing boy –
Unlike the hoi polloi –
Consumes with indiscretion
Thus fouling his digession

Note: I do love me some Remy Charlip. His book, Fortunately, is on regular rotation at story time, with its appeal to kiddos for its sense of adventure and adults for its over-the-top scenarios. Mother,Mother… has the same quirky tone with a very simple plot:

Boy feels sick.
Mom takes boy to doctor.

Doctor removes increasingly outlandish objects, including a hat, a birthday cake, and a fishing pole.

The illustration are part of the charm – bold solid backgrounds punctuated by human silhouettes and contrasting colored objects.

When reading, let kiddos guess which objects are coming out of the boy’s stomach. You’ll be surprised at how well they can identify things by their shadows. (And the last pages describes how to perform the story as a shadow play…a nice variation for these long winter days and nights!)

Good for: Kiddos (and their parents) with a wild imagination and a quirky sense of humor.

Not so good for: Kiddos (and their parents) who like to put random objects in their mouth.


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