Observation: The Payoff

I now have definitive proof that scouring library shelves and children’s lit listserves for quality books, quoting poetry at every opportune moment, and reading stories before bedtime is really paying off.

At school today, when asked what he did before bed, Nick answered:

“I play race cars and eat pizza.”

That was your answer?!?!

We’ve done that – what – twice in your lifetime and that’s what you remember – a video game and Little Caesars??

Yup, that’s what he remembers, which is just fine, because reading to kids really isn’t about showboating your “superior parenting skills” or being able to brag about your children reading by 3.

You do it because…

Danny and the Dinosaur was your favorite childhood book,

Just one more time” is your favorite phrase,

and snuggling into the rocking chair – kid in one arm, book in the other – is your favorite place.

NIKE was right – Just Do It.


1 Comment on Observation: The Payoff

  1. Ha! That’s okay. Whenever I ask my son, “What did you do at school today?” he says either “Nothing” or “We relaxed a little” 🙂

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