Book: Superhero

by Marc Tauss

Watch a young brother
Fly through the air
Cape all a-flappin’
What style! Such flair!

Creator of robots!
Defender of parks!
He zips back through time
In a fury of sparks!

It’s always nice
To see one’s reflection
Here’s to pint-size superheroes
Of a darker complexion.

Note: I chanced upon this book at the library and had to pinch myself. An African-American superhero picture book?! The opening image is of a low-fro-sporting youngster, Maleek, strolling through a comic book store.

Clearly, I was hooked.

Maleek even has his own superhero costume! And a robot named Marvyn, whom he created! He’s a superhero and an inventor?! Oh, and a chemist too! He creates this GIGUNDO JUICE to save the city’s parks from being overrun by concrete.

Admittedly, between this book, Wall-E and regular visits to the Peggy Notabaert Museum, Nick will probably grow up to be some sort of tree-hugging hippy, but I won’t mind.

I’ll even buy him the patchouli.

Bonus: Also see The Adventures of Sparrowboy for more African-American superhero fun.


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