Book: Trashy Town

Trashy Town
by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

Gotta find a book, find a book that’s right for Nick
Time to hit the shelves
Keep on lookin’
Don’t know what to pick

Well, I talk about it, read about it
think about it, blog about it
Finally found it, brought it home
Now we’re readin’

Gotta love trash!
Reads in a dash!
Made quite a splash!

Thank you for reading
Trashy Town!
You know I’ll never
Put it down!

Note: Like Oscar, we love trash, anything dirty or dingy or dusty.

We love picking up the McDonald’s bags and Budweiser cans that folks toss on our lawn. Yes, help keep America looking good – maybe it’s time to bring those PSA’s back.

We love the rumble the garbage trucks make as they race along our street, rattling the pictures off of our walls.

We love our garbage men and women who pick up all of the trash from the sisyphean task of remodeling our basement.

And we love Trashy Town!

Nick memorized this book after the first reading. We follow Mr. Gilly and his – um, “mice” (really, I think they are rats!) – as he travels around town picking up garbage. The repetitive text makes it a natural for read-alouds:

“Dump it in,
smash it down,

drive around

the Trashy Town!”

And the question-and answer format – “Is the trash truck full yet? NO” – lets kiddos participate in the story.

When we read it, the “narrator” sounds like Howard Cossell…

…with a little Mae West thrown in for good measure…

Makes me wonder how Nick will read to his children…


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