Book: Winter Trees

Winter Trees

by Carole Gerber, illustrated by Leslie Evans

There’s a tapping at my window
I peek through frosted glass
Cold creeps through the walls
Perhaps the fiend has passed?

No, it stands there silent
Waiting to be seen
A skeleton at my window
Though it isn’t Halloween.

Note: Winter Trees tracks a boy and his dog on a walk through the winter woods. My son, Nick, insists that it’s actually a jungle since there are lots of trees and his godparents gave him a jungle playset for Xmas, and now trees = jungle. He also flips through the book looking for the “bear” since the opening lines describe “bare” trees.

Who knew we would be learning about homophones so early?

The book is written in verse, which never comes across as forced, making it great for reading aloud. And you’ll be surprised how much information is covered – branch formations, bark color, shapes of leaves… You might even learn something. I know I did, but then I’m not an outdoorsy kinda gal, unless it’s through a window or in a book – shocking, I know.

The illustrations are particularly vibrant, making it the type of book that can draw a 2-year-old away from his Playskool laptop to sit on my lap for story time.

I think that says something.

Bonus: Pair this book with Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening to encourage your budding Thoreau, a recording of which can be found on the amazing collection, Poetry Speaks to Children.

Other Reviews: Here, here, and here.


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