2009 Resolutions

2008 was a doozy
Thankfully history past
I’ll revel this time
In 2009
Whose prospects make me quite woozy

Note: It’s always fun to make new year’s resolutions. Mine, predictably, revolve around books.

1. I will use the library.

Yes, it’s fun to order books from Amazon, or support your local independent bookstore. And while you may convince yourself that if it’s on sale, it’s “a steal” it’s still more expensive than the local library.

And while Amazon comes with reviews, the library comes with its very own children’s librarian.

2. I will use “Best of” and Awards lists sparingly.

Opinions are just…opinions. Whether it’s a newspaper year-in-review list or a Caldecott roster, this doesn’t mean it’s the right book for your kiddo.

It’s ok to color outside the “approved” lines. In fact, it’s encouraged.

3. I will be fully-present when reading.

Children’s books are easy to read. It helps that you already know all of the words. This does not mean you can be making a grocery list or composing your next blog post while you are reading them. Kiddos are smart. They know when you are not paying attention.

The moment that is now will never happen again, so just enjoy it.

4. I will embrace my kiddo’s interests.

Nick is on a God kick. God only knows why. His parents are on-again-off-again recovering Catholics. His favorite books have Jesus/God/Bible in the title. It is very easy to make these books sound boring when reading aloud in the hopes that he will tire of them and move on to something much more exciting like Thomas the Tank Engine – um, not that I’ve, er, ever tried that. Because that would be wrong, maybe even a sin – I would have to check in one of his books.

If that is what he is into – until he moves on to dinosaurs or dump trucks – then so am I.

5. I will read more.

Kiddos learn by example. To raise a reader, be a reader.

What are your resolutions?


2 Comments on 2009 Resolutions

  1. Good luck with your resolutions! Definitely check out the library… they might even have a website where you can do your ordering just like Amazon… except WITHOUT the cost!!! And if you find a book that you’re really in love with, you can always head over to Amazon and order it!

  2. No kidding! Nothing like saving a buck and finding great books right in your own backyard!

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