Book: If I Built A Car

If I Built A Car
by Chris Van Dusen

If I built a car
with federal cash
I’d use what’s around
I’d build it from trash

We’ve got so much “stuff”
And the future of driving
Could come from our alleys
From extreme dumpster diving

It’s not just for burying
Or shooting into space
It’s called recycling
Producing from waste

With an eye on the past
And the future in view
If I built a car
That’s just what I’d do

Note: Some friends lent us this book for Nick (thanks Matt and Jenny). We’ve read it so much, we had to get them a new copy. Van Dusen‘s 1950’s-style story about an inventive boy and his dream car is a keeper – and I still can’t believe I picked it up at the library for 50 cents.

The thing that we loved about this book is how it explains the design process – you gather requirements, examine old blueprints, leave yourself open to inspiration from unexpected sources, sketch different options, identify the strengths and weaknesses, add a bit of whimsy and then ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom, you’ve got your car – complete with pool, snack bar, robot driver, plexiglas dome, space-age polymer exterior…

Yup, it’s a pretty amazing car.

Just as scientists and engineers once drew their inspiration from watching Star Trek, perhaps our next generation of designers will find their spark in this book.


2 Comments on Book: If I Built A Car

  1. Hi, My sister and I left a butterfly award over at our blog for you. Thanks for finding great material to share with our kiddos. Enjoy the holiday season!

  2. Thanks! Sending the award right back to you feels a bit like regifting, but the feeling is definitely mutual.

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