Book: The Big Snow

The Big Snow
by Berta and Elmer Hader

When the metra runs an hour late
When snowplows bury your front gate
When cars careen through intersections
When winds howl from all directions

When your neighbors’ eyes are all you see
When even your dog won’t go out to pee
When your bum is sore from hitting the ground
That’s when you know that winter’s around

Note: Continuing the “bargain finds” meme, I snagged this book for 25 cents at our local library sale. At first, this 1949 Caldecott winner seems like a very simple catalog of animals and their preparations for the winter.

Then again, it’s not called “The Big Snow” for nothing.

Fortunately, a little old man and a little old woman clear a path through the big snow and leave food out the animals. (Most likely Berta and Elmer Hader themselves – a husband-and-wife team who wrote and illustrated more than 70 books.)

Unlike the Haders, we don’t have to go outside to leave food for the animals. They just find their way in through various holes in our drafty old victorian and help themselves. We like to think of it as an exercise in sharing.

This is an “edit-as-needed” book, especially when requested at bedtime. The colorful illustrations are beautiful, so you can do a highlights version – “See the deer? They’re getting ready for winter. See the white-footed wood mouse? He’s getting ready for winter too.”

If you want your kiddos to have a deeper appreciation of animal life in the winter, pick this book up at the library – assuming you’re not snowed in.


2 Comments on Book: The Big Snow

  1. Good find! This is a very special book it takes a couple of reads to really appreciate it. But it makes a good bedtime story too because it’s slower and longer then many contemporary picture books.

  2. I absolutely agree. There are some real treasures to be found at library sales. Thanks for stopping by!

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