Book: The Chick and the Duckling

The Chick and the Duckling
by Mirra Ginsburg, illustrated by Jose & Ariane Aruego

Which came first?
The honk or the peep?

Which came first –
The bill or the beak?

Which came first –
The quack or the cluck?

Which came first –
The chick or the duck?

Note: Garage sales, libraries and thrift stores are great places to score books. A parent scored this book for 10 cents. That’s 6 minutes of parking in Evanston.

(Unless, of course, you forget to pay the ticket – twice – in which case 6 minutes of parking will run closer to $25.)

In Ginsburg‘s “walks-like-a-duck-talks-like-a-duck” story, a chick copies a duckling, including an ill-advised attempt to swim.

I think of it as the abridged, feathered version of Leo Lionni‘s Fish is Fish, which appeals to a slightly older crowd. Think 2-4 versus 0-2; doors of perception versus imitation.

(Hmm, maybe I’m reading more into Lionni than is there…What? A liberal arts grad overanalyzing? Pshaw!)

Still it’s an easy, breezy read and a great discovery. (Thanks, Heidi!)


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