Book: May I Bring A Friend

May I Bring A Friend

by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, illustrated by Beni Montresor

It’s simple really
To say “yes, and”
To extend an offer
A helping hand

It’s harder really
To say “no, but”
To find excuses
Remain in a rut

A king and a queen
Graciously extend
Their hospitable hand
To a young friend

Who, in turn,
Invites beasts galore
The monarchs must wait
For what’s in store…

Note: The incredibly accepting king and queen in this 1965 Caldecott winner believe in transitive friendship – if a is a friend of b, and b is a friend of c, then a must be a friend of c.

This is how they end up with a giraffe, a hippo, a band of monkeys, an elephant, a pack of lions, and a patriotic seal for afternoon tea.

Reminds me a bit of our Thanksgiving dinner.

Kiddos will enjoy guessing which friend the narrator will show up with next. And, hopefully, they’ll absorb the subtle lessons about manners, acceptance, and reciprocation.

Of course, it always helps if these lessons are modeled in real life.

No pressure.

Really. 😉


2 Comments on Book: May I Bring A Friend

  1. Gosh, I remember this book from when I was a kid! I loved it.

  2. Careful not to date yourself 😉

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