Book: Over in the Meadow

Over in the Meadow

Illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats

Turtles, fish and bluebirds
Muscrats, crows and bees
Crickets, frogs and lizards
Teach kiddos 1-2-3’s

Note: We only knew Ezra Jack Keats‘ work through his wonderful character, Peter (The Snowy Day, Goggles, Whistle for Willie, etc. – Peter’s a pretty busy boy).

As we start to reinforce counting with Nick, it’s been a challenge to find number books with a story. So I was thrilled to discover Over in the Meadow, which is based on a Southern Appalachian counting rhyme by Olive A. Wadsworth.

Keats’ vibrant illustrations are simply gorgeous and each animal and number has its own color vibe. The bees are sassy yellow, the muskrats a muted brown – appropriate I think. I don’t know a lot of sassy muskrats.

Perhaps you do?

I imagine we could write our own counting poem with all of the wildlife in our backyard, but somehow, I don’t think that possums, skunks and rabid bats are nearly as cute.


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