Book: A Chill in the Air

A Chill in the Air: Nature Poems for Fall and Winter

by John Frank, illustrated by Mike Reed


As I am walking
in the snow
my footprints follow
where I go,
and make a long
and winding track
that leads me home
when I turn back.

– John Frank

Note: Sometimes, I forget that Nick is only 2. I’ll pick books for much older children and wonder why on earth he doesn’t get into them.

Tintin, for example, is too old – even if it does have a rocket ship.

Poetry can be a little tricky. There’s something soothing about reading great poetry, no matter what the age. But as much as we enjoy listening to Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, it’s not as though he “gets” it. And while I may adore the poem, it’s really not about me.

It’s about a 2-year-old boy who loves seeing his breath in the air, throwing leaves in the air, and picking out long-sleeve shirts.

This is what makes collections like A Chill in the Air so great for younger kids. John Frank’s poems cover familiar situations. And coupled with Mike Reed’s colorful illustrations, it’s the type of book that younger kiddos will pick up on their own – unlike, say, the Complete (and pictureless) Works of William Shakespeare.

That’ll come in time…

Bonus: My own contribution:

The leaves crunch underfoot
And keep the grass at bay
Frost glistens on the branches
Guess winter’s on its way


4 Comments on Book: A Chill in the Air

  1. With poetry in his ears from a young age, Nick already has so many doors opened to him. I like your addition as well.

  2. i always thought my boys loved poetry even when they were babies .. the rhythmic chant! the lilting melody!

  3. Thanks, Yat-Yee. He’ll spontaneously start reciting some of the poems on his own. Though honestly, if I didn’t already know them, I don’t think I’d know quite what he was saying!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Lori. How great that your boys had such early access to poetry. I figure it’s all about choosing age-appropriate verse. Nick is also very into poems about bears…go figure!

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