Book: Mama Voted for Obama

Mama Voted for Obama

by Jeremy Zilber, illustrated by Greg Bonnell

‘Twas the night of the election
And all through the house
Returns were…returning
My hopes would they dowse?

Campaign posters were hung
On our walls with great care
In the hope that Obama
Would answer our prayer

Our son was nestled
All snug in his room
While visions of spaceships
Chased away gloom

And I in the study
Computer in hand
Counted electoral votes
As hope swept the land

When from the back window
Came a ziiip and a pop!
I knew at the moment
The madness had stopped

I glanced towards the alley
To behold a great flash
And such whooping and yelling
(and freshly lit hash)

It was time at last
For spirits to soar
Now that ex-Pres Bush
Had been shown the door

Note: After I watched Obama’s acceptance speech, I crept into my son’s room and just wept. It’s not that I believe that Obama will “solve all of our problems” – not at all. But his election did buy us time, and more importantly, gave me hope for Nick’s future.

So I have been struggling with how to communicate this moment’s significance to a 2 1/2 year old.

Enter Mama Voted for Obama.

Cross Dr. Seuss with Is Your Mama A Llama. Add a pinch of Rousseau‘s Social Contract and you’ll get a good sense of what this book is about.

Will Nick remember that history was made on 11/4/08?

Probably not.

Will I remind him every chance I get?


(Thanks Derek and Mark!)


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