Book: Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Poor little Fletcher
And his falling leaves
Set adrift by the gust
Of an autumn breeze

They elude his grasp
Save for one
To keep safe in his room
Until Fall is done

Note: Nick loved this story the first time we read it. On the other hand, I thought our protagonist fox was a bit clueless.

Sweet? Definitely.
Persistent? Check.
Sharp? Eh, not so much.

I mean, who tries to put leaves back on trees??

Then I remembered who this book was written for – kids. If you saw the leaves of your favorite tree falling off and you had no concept of seasons, what would you do?

It’s not as if we arrive in this world with Cliff Notes (or do we?)

That’s what so great about kids. They remind you that everything in every moment is new. Each moment has the power to fill you with a sense of discovery and wonder.

“You act like you’re seeing everything for the first time!”
“Why yes, I am.”


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