Book: Gus and the Baby Ghost

A ghost named Gus
Caused quite a fuss
When he found a baby outside

His “house mate” Mr. Fizzle
(His partner, fo-shizzle!)
Pitched a fit when the baby first cried

Then the bickering began
Till the wee hours it ran
It seemed nothing could bridge the divide

But then came the love
That parents speak of
And both swelled with family pride

Note: This was another 25 cent steal at the Evanston Library sale. And while this may or may not have been the intention, this is the gayest Halloween book I have ever read.

The evidence:

A victorian
A “living arrangement” (uh huh)
A persnickety partner
A Paul Lyndian mouse
Men in uniform
A cat

Jane Thayer was the nom de plume of Catherine Wooley, a Chicago-born writer who made her final home in Truro, MA (spitting distance from P-Town, btw).

The story is quite sweet. Gus finds the baby ghost. Mr. Fizzle objects. Gus bangs things around. Neighbors come to see the ghost baby. Mr. Fizzle rocks the ghost baby to sleep.

Favorite lines:

“Your baby ghost sounds to happy,” everyone whispered.
Mr. Fizzle proudly whispered back, “Our baby ghost has a happy home, that’s why.”

Other great Gus adventures include:

Gus Was a Gorgeous Ghost

Gus Goes to School
(Original Title: Gus Was a Real Dumb Ghost)

Gus Loved His Happy Home

Gus Was a Mexican Ghost


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