Book: Skeleton Hiccups

Skeleton, Skeleton
Grab yourself a chair
You’re having quite a problem
From the rattling I hear

Each hiccup means a clatter
And the grinding’s hard to bear
No ghouls will join your haunting
‘Cause the haunted know you’re near

So find yourself a doctor
A graveside manner most sincere
If you don’t, Poor Skeleton,
It’s the end of your career

Note: Yes, it’s a silly book with very silly illustrations. Suspend disbelief and imagine that some poor bag of bones wakes up with hiccups.

Hilarity ensues.

His lower jaw flies off while he’s brushing his teeth.
His pumpkin carving is jacked (ha!) because he can’t keep the knife straight.
He pops a bone right out of its socket while polishing it.

The cures are worse…but I won’t spoil them. It’s a special kind of humor that tickles my funny bone.

I guess growing up watching Sunday night Monty Python shows did have an effect…


2 Comments on Book: Skeleton Hiccups

  1. My daughter thinks this book is hilarious. It’s been a favorite of hers this month. We had to have a discussion though that it is impossible for skeletons to have hiccups though, due to the fact they lack muscles. Hic Hic Hooray!

  2. I never thought about that! Maybe they’ll issue a sequel…;-)

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