Book: Room on the Broom

There’s always more room when you’re flying
As shown by a generous witch
A lesson for all of us living
In times that are changing like this

There’s always more food at the table
And money to spread all around
There’s always more help to be given
And always more love to be found

The dragon of fear may be near us
But together we’ll slay this beast
Let us boldly go forth to our future
And share in our victory feast

Note: Julia Donaldson has written a true Halloween read-aloud classic. Axel Scheffler‘s illustrations are stylish yet silly, perfect for the younger crowd. And it’s got a timely message.

Hmmm…well maybe not the best message if you’re trying to discourage hitchhiking, but great if you want to reinforce sharing, cooperation, and helping.

Think about it – isn’t that what we spend most of our time teaching our children?

“No, we’re taking turns now with the ball.”
“See how you were both lifting the dog? Good job.”
“That’s good helping with clean-up.”

The rhyming is clever
The characters a hoot
A guaranteed giggle ending
And not too scary to boot!


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