Book: The Haunted House and Other Spooky Tales and Poems

You can’t go wrong
At a library sale
It’s cheaper than a bookstore
Or ordering by mail

It’s true that you’ll sort
Through Dan Brown and the like
So know what to skip
And when you must strike

Note: In addition to The Haunted House, I also scored 2 astronomy picture books, John Christopher’s The Pool of Fire (hardcover), and Gus and the Baby Ghost – all for a whopping $1.75.

The Haunted House is perfect for Halloween reading. It has some classics, like The Erl King and The Wreck of the Hesperus, plus easy-to-memorize poems like these:

A Skeleton One in Khartoum

A skeleton once in Khartoum
Asked a spirit up into his room;
They spend the whole night
In the eeriest fight
As to which should be frightened of whom.

In Memory of Anna Hopewell

Here lies the body of Anna
Done to death by a banana.
It wasn’t the fruit that laid her low
But the skin of the thing that made her go.

Ruth and Johnnie

Ruth and Johnnie,
Side by side,
Went out for an
Auto ride.
They hit a bump,
Ruth hit a tree,
And John kept going

It Isn’t the Cough

It isn’t the cough
That carries you off;
It’s the coffin
They carry you off in.

All poems are by that most prolific writer, “Author Unknown”.


1 Comment on Book: The Haunted House and Other Spooky Tales and Poems

  1. I love the poem about the library sale!

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