Book: Bears in the Night

Seven silent bears creep stealthily from their bed
They should have been sleeping, but are sneaking instead
Out of their room and into the night
Seven silent bears from their treehouse alight

Bathed in the moonlight the bears make their way
Over under around and through but not a word they say
In search of “whooo” away flies their doubt, for
Bathed in the moonlight – well, read it to find out

Note: Just in time for Halloween, a spooky book about…prepositions!

All of your favorites are here: in, out, down, around, over, under, with special appearances by between and through!

While I’ve always thought the Joan Crawford eyebrows were a bit too drag queen, I do love how Jan and Stan Berenstain are able to capture the exact crouched posture of toddlers trying to get away with something – which is usually the time your spidey senses start tingling that there is a disturbance in the force.


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