Book: I Am A Bunny

Three Laws of Rabbitology
from I, Rabbit

1. A rabbit may not pass by a garden without taking a little nibble, especially if the garden has been planted by a horticultural novice.

2. A rabbit must entice all young children to beg their parents to get them as pets, despite unwavering adherence to the First Law.

3. A rabbit must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Note: Author/illustrator Richard Scarry published over 300 books. I guess working from 8am – 4pm only on children’s books really paid off. His books have had total sales of $300 million worldwide.

Like Kevin Henkes’ Old Bear, this is a wonderful introduction to seasons. A bunny names Nicholas romps through winter, spring, summer and fall in Scarry’s trademark happy-go-luck visual style that has endured through the ages.

(We have a few Scarry books at home that are precariously held together by now-yellow scotch tape.)

If you don’t have any Richard Scarry books in your home library, try to pick some up. They’re the types of books that will stay in your family for years.


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