Book: Ten, Nine, Eight

Now I lay me down to sleep
Instead of counting fluffy sheep
I count down numbers 10 to 1
Then close my eyes when I am done

Note: You can go into the children’s section of any bookstore or library and find a bah-zillion books about numbers.

OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration.

We like this book because:

10 – It has a positive depiction of an African-American father and daughter

9 – It has a great backstory

8 – It’s a Caldecott Honor book

7 – It leads you to Molly Bang’s other great books

6 – It has an appearance by a big white bear (take that, Lost!)

5 – It features a young girl who plays with dolls and rockets

4 – Speaking of rockets, counting backwards is important for blastoffs

3 – The rhythm lulls kiddos – and adults – to sleep

2 – The bright colors are great for “where is the (color) (item)?” interaction

1 – Kiddos of any background will enjoy it


2 Comments on Book: Ten, Nine, Eight

  1. Donna loves this book too, but not as much as I do.I think I also love it because it is (3) a bedtime book and (2) short and (1) still very satisfying.Donna, however, would prefer that I read something with the length of War and Peace, featuring a nice range of friendly animals.

  2. I’m trying to wrap my head around a Disney version of War and Peace (complete with music and Happy Meal tie-ins!) I am also envisioning Anna Karenina as a tormented squirrel…

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