Book: DK Big Book of Airplanes

They zip through the air
With the greatest of ease
A marvel to watch
(Any toddler agrees)

Airplanes delight
As they skim o’er trees
If your kiddo loves flying
This book will appease

Note: Nick doesn’t just love airplanes. He is obsessed with them – which is probably why we’ve had this book out from the library for 9 weeks.

Online renewal is our friend.

Even though the book is geared for older readers (grades 2 and up), the pictures are large, colorful, and have enough detail to hold a toddler’s interest. Plus, I have learned never to underestimate how much information kiddos absorb.

Nick has gone from calling every plane overhead a “beh-bane” to “jumbo jet” – much eariser to understand. And, he has started identifying which plane he wants to read about each evening…by name.

Gee Bee
Stunt plane
Space shuttle

Wow, not bad for 2 1/2.

Bonus: You’ll become a plane expert too…just from reading the same thing over…and over…and over…


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