Book: My World


my·world [mahy– wurld]– the perspective through which toddlers see their environment and contents therein.

Note: This Margaret Wise Brown/Clement Hurd collaboration gets decidedly mixed reviews from parents. It falls into that either-love-or-loathe-it category – along with perennial favs like The Giving Tree and Love You, Forever.

We liked it this quiet meditation on things in a kiddo’s world:

My slippers
Daddy’s car
Mother’s chair
Your world
My world

But it could be because I have sort of a thing for sentence diagramming and I love the idea of introducing the concept of possessive pronouns…then again, Nick seems to have the concept of MINE down pat.

While reading this, I did have flashbacks to a poetry slam that Lori and I attended years ago in New Orleans. It started off with a very angry, multi-tattoed/pierced lesbian spoken word artist – cliché, right? – who started off her performance screaming, “MY WOMB! YOUR WOMB! OUR BLOOD!”

It was pretty much downhill from there.


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