Book: The Piggy in the Puddle

I would like to introduce
A friend to dear old Mother Goose
Behold a pig that’s on the loose
And messy, but here’s her excuse:
She found herself a muddy sluice
And mud, as far as I deduce
Has no other pressing use
Than to be used for bathing juice

Her parents thought she’d be so kind
To leave the muddy sluice behind
That maybe she could even find
A proper way to act refined
It’s not as if she was assigned
To suffer through the daily grind
(Not that either one would mind
If she should be so inclined)

Till at last they could not cope
And with a fading sense of hope
They threw to her a bar of soap
And did she take it –

Note: You’ll want to get your lips nice and limber before you read this one. (Trinidad and the big Mississippi is one of my fav vocal warmups).

Charlotte Pomerantz‘s text is just exquisite. How she manages to tell such a engaging story – for kiddos and adults – in nuanced rhyme boggles the mind. Accompanied by James Marshall‘s humorous illustrations, this is a definite read-aloud favorite.


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