Book: Swimmy

Beneath the deep blue sea
A fish mourns his family
Swallowed in a gulp
Reduced to fishy pulp

Beneath a watery sky
Treasures dazzle his eye
But gone is the world he’d known
Poor Swimmy swims alone

Beneath a forest of weeds
A new school meets his needs
Together they form a collective
Thus shifting their own perspective

Note: Leo Lionni has created a mysterious yet magical underwater world for our hero, Swimmy. The illustrations, as one would expect from Lionni, are exquisite – and the Caldecott Honor folks agree.

Yes, it does start with the loss of Swimmy’s family, but – spoiler alert! – he finds another one by the end. And like most Lionni fables, Swimmy has several inspiring themes – community activism, strength despite adversity, and cooperation – but not in that creepy Successories way.

What would a Successories children’s book would look like?

Maybe something like this:

(Thank you Big Huge Labs)


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