Book: Sing-Along Song

A boy hears music
Mighty fine music
Chirping of a robin way up high
Buzzing of a bee as it goes by

Yes that’s music
This is how you teach kids music
Show them how to listen to what’s around
Music is what lives in any sound

That’s my favorite melody
Kids at play so joyfully

I hear music
Mighty fine music
The center cannot hold; things fall apart
So listen to the music in your heart

Note: Between JoAnn Early Macken‘s skip-hop-happy prose and LeUyen Pham‘s make-a-joyful-noise illustrations, you’ll be tapping those toes as you read this book outloud.

While it’s great to find children’s books that are about “the African-American experience”, sometimes it’s just nice to find a book that happens to have an African-American main character, as this one does.

Bonus: I Hear Music has been covered by many different artists, but I think the best version is by Blossom Dearie. You might not know the name, but you definitely know the voice.

Check out her album.


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