Book: A Good Day

(Thank you Mr. Astaire and Ms. Rogers)

Please Kevin, keep on writing
Nice Kevin, keep delighting
Kiddos taken with your drawings
But that’s not all

Love the Full Moon, and the Plastic Purse
A fuzzy blanket, stories so diverse
Makes we wonder how you do it
And keep us enthralled

Nothing’s impossible
On A Good Day
Just look at things
A different way
Just pick yourself up
Dust yourself off
And start all over again.

Little yellow bird
Singing in a tree
Lost his feather
(Such ennui!)
Till a girl picked it up
Dusted it off
Now your kiddos want to read it again

Note: The first time I read it – which took about 30 seconds – I thought, “Neat, that’s a nice upbeat message. Bad days can become good days.”

Then I read it again and realized that Caldecott-winner Kevin Henkes had also slipped in color as well (e.g. little yellow bird, little white fox, etc.)

Then I read it again and noticed just how detailed the illustrations were (you can count the individual hairs on the squirrel…if you are so inclined. All of the animals have the same sad eyes on the bad day and the same happy eyes on the good day…)

Then I read it again…

This is what you hope for in a picture book – that your kiddo will love it so much that they will not only demand that you read it to them multiple times (And really, from a 2-year-old, it is a demand and not a request), but also that they read it to you multiple times (again, more a directive, really).

Ah, Kevin. We seriously heart you.


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