Book: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

Oh the weather outside is frightful
Though I find meatballs delightful
My town has never seen snow
From the sky we get veggies, soup and dough

When we gather around to eat
Tasty fish or a fine London Broil
Maybe Jell-O for a ending treat
Then our leftovers feed the soil

Well it doesn’t show signs of stopping
Oh look, an ice cream topping
Has landed on my unsuspecting bro
I think the whole town has to go

Note: I have lost count of how many friends have said this is their absolute favorite book. (Not sure what that says about them…)

Dynamic Duo Judi and Ron Barrett have created a memorable tall tale about some funny weather patterns. Clearly, the residents of Chewandswallow didn’t have access to a Farmer’s Almanac, or else they would have known the tides were turning (literally). As an aside, start stocking up on winter supplies now, because according to the aforementioned almanac, this winter is going to C-O-L-D!

You know, with all of the recent interest in weather wars, global warming, and permaculture, this book may have been way ahead of its time!

Bonus: There are many lesson plans available on line that you can use in conjunction with this book to discuss weather patterns, types of food, or even probability.


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