Book: Meet Danitra Brown

People let me tell you ‘bout Danitra Brown
She’s a warm-hearted person who’s fun to have around
People let me tell you ‘bout my best friend
She’s a purple-wearing, double-daring, always-sharing, never-swearing
Best Friend
Yes, she’s my best friend

(Thank you, Mister-Eddie’s-Father)

Note: Author/illustrator/poet Nikki Grimes has written 3 books about the spunky Ms. Brown.

1. Meet Danitra Brown (A Coretta Scott King Honor Book)

2. Danitra Brown, Class Clown

3. Danitra Brown Leaves Town

In addition to poems about friendship and play, Grimes also covers name-calling, single parenthood, and skin color, without dropping the MESSAGE anvil. And Floyd Cooper‘s beautiful oil paintings perfectly capture Ms. Brown’s exuberance and the quiet admiration of her best friend and narrator, Zuri Jackson.

Bonus: Other “best friend” strolls down memory lane:

You’re My Best Friend – Queen

That’s What Friends Are For – Dionne Warwick and…well, friends

Me and You – Snoopy Come Home (at 1:36)


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