Book: One Fine Day

One fine day
A fox found some milk
He lapped it all up
So proud he hadn’t spilt

But he forgot to ask permission
And thus lost his tail
Gather close and listen
To the outcome of this…tale

Note: Nonny Hogrogian is an Armenian-American author who has won the Caldecott twice. Sure, the prospect of getting one’s tale cut off is a little gruesome. But in that crazy mixed-up world of folktales there are worse things like…

Being baked in an oven

Having one’s feet chopped off

Being eaten by a wolf

But if this really worries you, rest assured that the old woman with the milk jug has a needle and thread handy. And everyone lives happily ever (intact) after.

This is a great way to introduce the concept of quid pro quo.
Though, if you have kids, you already know this concept far too well.


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