Book: Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

‘Twas the night* before placement
And all through the house
My parents were pacing
While listening to Strauss

“We do have a baby”
The social worker said
But that happened before
So they waited with dread

My room they had painted
My clothes all laid out
“We have sterilized bottles!”
They wanted to shout

When ring went the phone
And they sprung ‘cross the room
“This could be it!
But let’s not assume”

They listened intently
To each small detail
They’d found it at last
Their holy grail

Now feedings! Now crying! Now laughter and tears!
Now phone calls! Now packing! Now expensive baby gear!

From the top of their heads
To the tips of their toes
They couldn’t stop smiling
So the story goes

They rushed to the car
Giddy and quick
They knew in that moment
I must be their Nick

*OK, so in our case, the “night” was really more like 5 hours. Nothing like insta-parenting to get you up to speed.

Note: Celebrity children’s books usually pain me – I’m talking to you, Madonna. But this one is really good. Based on her personal experiences, Jamie Lee Curtis has written a very touching, humorous book about the storm before the calm (before the storm again).

Added bonus – It’s funny for adults, too. But would we really expect anything less from a woman married to Christopher Guest?

This book goes to 11.


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