Book: Madeline and the Cats of Rome

Imagine if Neil Diamond had read the Madeline books…

Un, deux, trios, quatre…

Where it began, I can’t begin to know when
But I remember the yellow hat
Petite Parisienne
Plus 11 to make the dozen
Who’d believe you’d all be back

Travels, far from home, straight to Rome
But I should have known, that you hadn’t grown
Sweet Madeline
I guess it’s true you’ll never age
How great to find, the family name on the title page

Oooh, sweet Madeline, bienvenue (please stay awhile.)

Note: Self-taught artist John Bemelmans Marciano picks up where his grandfather, Ludwig Bemelmans, left off. This second book in the JBM Madeline series finds our plucky heroine foiling pickpockets and rescuing felines against the Felliniesque backdrop – especially the Maison Des Chats that Nick and I spent over 5 minutes on.

In toddler attention span time, that’s like an hour!


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