Book: Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

New York on Sunday
Big Crocky taking a bath
I’ll bet by Monday
He’ll be helping out Joshie with his math

This Crock’s got troubles
His neighbor’s really a “Grump”
It makes you wonder
How a cat can stay with such a chump

He tries to stay low as he goes to and fro
Watching people watch people pass
He danced in a store and the people cried more
The zoo took him away in a flash

Thank God for actors
Those wonders of stage and screen
Signor Valenti
Sprung him free (read and you’ll see what I mean)

Thank God for fires
The sort where no one gets hurt
That let a Crocky
Show off why it pays to be alert

He rushed to the blaze; everyone was amazed
Watching people watch people gasp
He came out alive everyone breathed a sigh
Mr. Grumps covered with soot and ash

New York on Sunday
Big Crocky’s homecoming feast
Friends gather near him
All the drama around him has ceased

He’s got no troubles
He’s got no worries at all
He’s with The Grimms again
Life is good and he’s having a ball

Lyle, Lyle loves Sunday in New York

Note: How can you not adore a city-dwelling crocodile – not in the sewers, of course – who loves playing hide and seek, ice skating, and window shopping at antique stores?

Bernard Waber’s creation started off at The House on East 88th Street in 1962, then achieved enlightenment through self-knowledge (you know – Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile) before spending the next 40 years:

1. Being Funny Funny

2. Finding his Mother

3. Attending a Birthday Party

4. Hanging out at an Office

5. Remaining Lovable, and

6. Celebrating Christmas

That is one busy crocodile. No wonder they named a shoe after him.


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