Book: The Runaway Bunny

Wherever we go, whatever we do,
we’re gonna go through it together.
Reach up for a star, Climb mountains afar,
wherever we are, it’s together.

Wherever I go I know bunny goes.
Wherever I go I know mother goes.
No streams, no rocks, nor wind
That blows, Amigos, together!

Through high circus tops
Trapeze artists flops.
I’ll pull out the stops just to find you.
With you for me and me for you,
we’ll muddle through whatever we do.
Together, wherever we go.

Note: So maybe drawing inspiration from a musical about the quintessential overbearing stage mother and her strained relationship with her daughters wasn’t the best idea for this really lovely book about limitless motherly love – motherhood really is grand – but considering the alternative was Richard Marx, I’m ok with my decision.

Maybe next time I’ll riff on no-more-wire-hangers Crawford

Another winner from Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd.

Oh, and who knew that Ms. Brown had a long-term affair with John Barrymore’s ex-wife, Michael Strange?! Learn something new every day.


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