Book: The King of Capri

There once lived a King of Capri
As clueless as any man could be
Till the wind paid a call
With great force and gall
Blowing all of his fortunes to sea

There once lived a woman Mrs. Jewel
Who spent days washing clothes on a stool
Till the wind rustled through
With quite a to do
Bringing with it the fortunes of a fool

There once lived a woman and man
For whom life had very different plans
Till the wind saw a chance
To make their hearts dance
Bridging a gap only love understands

Note: Jeanette Winterson is my favorite author. Period.

She could rewrite the phone book, and I’d read it.

Her books line my shelves, passages underlined, page corners folded, spines cracked from years of re-reading. Her writing has a lyrical mysticism that entrances any reader and it is refreshing to see this whimsical quality reflected in her children’s books.

Run, don’t walk, to the bookstore or library to read her books, especially her most recent dystopian wake-up call, The Stone Gods.


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