Book: Mouse Paint

Three white mice
(Mouse seen thrice)
See how they run
They make colors fun
They all ran away from the big grey cat
Who watched their antics from where she sat
Through red, yellow, blue until that was that
These three white mice
Three white mice

Note: Books that have a block of color followed by the color name probably have their place…somewhere.

I’m a big fan of the “teach within a story” approach, which is exactly what author/illustrator Ellen Stoll Walsh does. Kiddos learn the primary colors in addition to what happens when you mix colors. The illustrations may remind you of Leo Lionni…and with good reason – it was while reading Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse that Walsh discovered that she wanted to write children’s books.

For added fun, try this art activity to supplement the book.

Or check out Let Out the Sunshine for a Montessori-style approach to toddler art.


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