Book: How I Became a Pirate

Yo Ho Ho and a Sippy Cup of Rum!

Avast, wee hearties!
And belay yer stallin’
For thar’s treasure to b’hold
By that fine wench M’linda Long’s
(A good woman, fer cert’n)

So fetch yer trusty mateys
‘N cast off yer mutinous ways
Or you’ll be walkin’ the plank
Or swabin’ the deck

Hark to me words, lads n’ lassies

Capt’n Shiver-me-timbers M’Layne

Note: What kiddo doesn’t dream of running off to:
1. A circus
2. A pirate ship
3. A library (maybe that was just me?)

This book is ridiculous – and that’s a good thing because it makes for an entertaining read. Channel your inner Jolly Roger and pepper your reading with “Argh” and “Ahoy” (which your kids will incorporate into all speech for the next month).

For adults seeking a little Bucky Fuller spin on the whole pirate phenomenon, look no further than this essay.


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