Book: Tacky the Penguin

Tacky’s theme song
(inspired by Gidget)

If you’re in doubt about penguins acting odd
Hawaiian print shirts adorn Lester’s lovable clod
Wait’ll you meet this Tacky
You’ll want him for your story time
Better get wise, he’s all that you adore
But be advised, you’ll laugh so hard you’ll pee the floor
You’re gonna find that Tacky’s sublime

Note: Kiddos love Tacky. He’s loud, and a bit clueless, but as my mother would say, “he’s good people”. Really let yourself have fun reading Tacky’s tales. Author Helen Lester has created some great characters – we channel Frasier and Niles for fellow penguins, Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly and Perfect – and the random songs she includes, like “How many toes does a fish have?” are ripe for over-the-top vocal stylings.

Passages in Lester’s stories are easy to memorize and you’ll be hearing snippets of her books long after you’ve closed the back flap.

Consider yourself warned.


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