Book: Caps for Sale

As seen in the papers:

Lost: 16 caps
4 gray, 4 brown, 4 blue, 4 red. All stylish yet functional. Last seen in the vicinity of several tree-swinging primates.

Found: A Raspberry Beret
The kind you find in a secondhand store.

Seeking: Top Hat
To match white tie and tails. Please call Fred.

Connections: Men Without Hats
Seek same for Safety Dance.

Note: First published in 1940 – the hats are only 50 cents! – this book is a classic. Kiddos dig the balancing act the peddler does with the caps and the mischievous monkey antics. The peddler gets his hats back, but we never find out if he offloads his entire inventory…

(It’s also available in a board book version)


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