Book: Gallop! A Scanimation Picture Book

Once upon a time, a law named Moore ran into his good friend – something like a phenomenon – Persistence of Vision. They chatted for a bit about a mutual buddy, the notorious F.F.B. (Fabulous Flip Book), who was last seen gathering dust in an attic.

“I have an idea,“ said Moore.
“I’m all eyes,” said POV.
“Dude needs an extreme makeover.”

A “Scanimation” patent later, F.F.B. reemerged in his pimped-out Gallop! getup and finished first in the “totally-cool-gotta-have-it” picture book race.

They all lived happily (and richly) ever after.

The End…until the next Scanimation book.

Note: Some parents think Gallop! is a one-trick pony. Nick goes through phases where this is the only book he wants to see (specifically the monkeys swinging from trees). But as he gets older, I don’t know how much he will want to read it, since there’s no story per se, but rather a description of the animation.

This may have something to do with different learning styles and yes, you could research what type of learning style your kiddo uses and thus determine whether this book would be something they’d like….or you can just check it out from the library and see how your kiddo responds before buying it. (Plus, once the hype dies down, you’ll be able to get used copies on the cheap.)


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