Book: Char Siu Bao Boy

Ode on a Chinese Bun
(with apologies to Keats)

Thou still untast’d bao of yumminess
Thou foster-child of dough and stuffing
What malleable form! What sweet aroma!
Steamed, baked, hot and cold

“Tasty is truth, truth tasty, -that is all
Ye know with one bite, and all ye need to know.”

Note: The “try different things” theme feels like an anvil, but this is a great book for introducing food from different cultures. And if, like mine, your household is (part) Chinese, this children’s book is a must-have.

If you’re in Chicago, Wow Bao in Water Tower is
fine for buns. But for the good stuff, head over to Chiu Quon Bakery on Argyle.


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