Book/CD: Poetry Speaks to Children

It’s never to early
For kids to hear verse
Versus waiting till high school
When they’ll think it’s the worst

From these poems
Kiddos will see
Not all poems rhyme
They can just be…

Note: On the day that it arrived in the mail, Nick and I lay on the couch, flipping through the pages as we listened to the CD. He slowly fell asleep in my arms. It was heaven.

You always have the option of reading the poems without the CD. (Sometimes this is preferred so you have your own interpretation of the poem rather than “the official reading”.) Or you can just listen to the CD, letting the words create your own images rather than relying on the pictures in the book (which are nevertheless fun to look at).

I just love this collection. It has a great mix of old and new poems and is refreshingly multi-cultural. We’ll be listening to it for years to come.


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